What can serve the retired aircraft carrier?To bridge!



Authorities in Washington state -EE.UU.- have lately been asking a question: how can build a bridge so that drivers can pass through Sinclair Inlet, between the towns of Bremerton and Port Orchard? The answer: lining up several retired aircraft carrier.

Congressman Jesse Young is leading the crusade to make this project: “First, I know that people around the world could lead to a punch consisting of aircraft. Second, from my point of view it is the best we can do, because it will represent a testimony and a legacy in memory of our greatest generation. ”

To install this particular bridge is estimated to be enough to place two to three aircraft carriers if it chose to put two ships, additional ramps would be needed to overcome the gap between them and between ships and ports-.

Washington state has received $ 90,000 82 000 euros for a feasibility study on the bridge. However, the biggest problem is who can offer these vessels.

The US Navy says that no boat available to build bridges with him, although the creators of the bridge think two aircraft which began operating in the 60s: the ‘USS Independence’, which will go to one shipbreaking in Texas when the year-end and the USS Kitty Hawk ‘which remain in the fleet until the new USS Gerald R Ford’ is fully operational-.



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