Russia could have a hypersonic missile invulnerable within 5 years

Misil hipers.


By the end of this decade Russia may already have a hypersonic weapon that would allow his army to overcome any missile defense, said the political and technological expert Vasili Kashin.

Russia may see completed by the end of this decade the 4202 project, which aims to create a hypersonic maneuverable front for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Its origins date back to the Soviet era.

The missile has already made at least five tests, as reported Kashin, deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, said the portal ekonomika Segodnia.

The expert revealed that the vehicle will reach speeds above Mach 10, comparable to the current ballistic missile warheads. But unlike the conceptual project 4202 it is that the head of the missile can maneuver unexpectedly and perform a specially complicated path.

“This peculiarity makes it virtually impossible to create missile defense systems against the 4202 project,” said the expert.

Besides Russia, USA and China are developing such a weapon. According to Kashin, China is ten years behind the Russian advances in the field, while the US It is at the same level as Russia.

“But there is a difference: while the project is linked to the concept of Prompt Global Strike, which would attack anywhere in the world within an hour with conventional weapons, Russia seeks to modernize its nuclear weapons to overcome any missile defense system” said Kashin.

These warheads will be built by the Russian army at the end of this decade. Currently they are tested using missile UR-100 (SS-11 Sego, according to NATO classification), but in the future will be installed on heavy missiles Sarmat.


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