Beretta and Carabinieri launch a system of data transmission through the gun and holster police officers



Beretta and Italian police have launched the “i-Protect”, a team of innovative protection, specifically designed to reduce response times Operations Center “carabinieri”, in terms of intervention, support and help to serve to raise the level of security of citizens and law enforcement.

The system, designed by Beretta as part of a research project with the University of Brescia and funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, was developed together with the company Intellitronika, specializing in the design of computer systems and communications.
It consists of the new weapon “Beretta PX4 Storm-i” in 9x19mm caliber and a specific case that incorporates double safety magnetic actuators and a smartphone equipped with the “ODINO 5” application to integrate the weapon control system.

The application entails, monitors real-time status and location of the operator of the weapon, which allows the immediate start of the flow of decisions and activation of all appropriate measures to ensure immediate support to men such as activation a recording system or support sending patrol

The system has so far experimental and carries no cost to the Carabinieri Corps.


From 1 July to 31 August 2015, in fact, the District Police Provincial Command in Milan, selected depending on the type of service provided, will test the potential of the operating system, which aims to raise personnel safety and reduce response time Operations Center in critical situations.

Earlier, the police center operators have attended specific training to familiarize themselves with the new weapon and connected equipment.

Thanks to Bluetooth low energy processor, the collected data to your smartphone, which in turn, in real time, sends in the Operations Center for immediate analysis of the situation by identifying the weapon, communicate the total number of shots they have been made (if it has been), and other data that provide an accelerometer and a gyroscope. It also records the parameters and operating temperature in order to allow better planning of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Furthermore, the way video transmission offers the possibility of sending video streams in real time to the central event of lack of access to record photos and movies on the device.
At the touch of a button, an alarm signal is transmitted to the monitoring station: This procedure automatically streaming video and audio enabled, allowing operators to view the operations center status in real time. GPS location adds useful data to manage alarms.BerettaBerettaBeretta



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