A Spanish stealth kills “the most beautiful lion” in Zimbabwe


Sad but true. An anonymous hunter has managed to strike down the most famous reserve zimbauense Hwange, with the help of some locals who, for 50,000 euros, tray left in the animal’s life majestic lion. To get the lion of the land on which was protected suspected dead bait used to be killed once put at its disposal (known thanks to the GPS data that had built for study).
The morning after this regrettable action, the lion was found dead, skinned and headless. Authorities are investigating the taxidermists in the country, although it is suspected that the head has been removed from the country (illegally, of course). However, their investigations have led to, supposedly, a Spanish man’s identity is still unknown.

that “he was shot at night with bow and arrows to make no noise and was bleeding all night until it topped with rifles in the morning. It could be considered poaching.”

No doubt unfortunate news for Spanish hunting sector suffered injustices in part because of those who decide to break laws.



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