The murderer sniper Chris Kyle

Eddie Ray Routh, center.

Eddie Ray Routh, center.

Eddie Ray Routh, a veteran of the Iraq war 27 years, had just descerrajar more than a dozen shots at two other veterans on a range of Stephenville, a town south of Texas lost. Police found her vehicle and urged him to get off. He barricaded himself and required the presence of their parents. “I have finished with a pair of souls and I still have more,” Routh said agents. Souls were the two victims. “Son, what do you think? Heed the agent, “begged the mother.

It was February 2, 2013. A few hours later, the officers arrested the young Routh. One of his victims was Chris Kyle, 38, the deadliest in US history military sniper. Kyle is the protagonist of The sniper played by Bradley Cooper, the latest film by Clint Eastwood, who chooses to six Oscar ceremony on Sunday. The film-the story of an extraordinary soldier and his traumatic return to civilian life touches a chord in the United States, a country hit by more than a decade of war without victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The survivors of the drama have begun to revive this week what happened two years ago. Away from the glamor of Hollywood and the Oscars, away from the Pentagon and the White House in Stephenville -of 18,000, and two hours drive from DALLAS, it is judged to Routh. Not only dead, themselves and others, but the tens of thousands of soldiers who have returned with physical and mental wounds: There, in the courtroom of the court, all the traumas that wars have left in the US are concentrated.

Kyle and Routh were two of these soldiers affected by post traumatic stress syndrome, which causes anxiety, depression and suicide. Kyle got some adaptation to real life. Considered a hero in military circles, helping other veterans who have difficulty re-entering the country after the 2001 attacks sent them to fight in distant nations in the Middle East or Central Asia.


Photo of Chris Kyle in Iraq posted on his Facebook page.

To Routh was more complicated. His lawyers insist that, at the time of the murder of his two companions in a shooting, had a type of severe psychosis and when the events occurred was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol.

The paths of Routh and Kyle joined after January 1, 2013 the mother of the first, murderer future, knocked on Kyle, the intended victim, for help with his son, who had been hospitalized for mental problems.

Although not known, Kyle along with Chad Littlefield, another veterano- and Routh were together morning shooting at Rough Creek Lodge near Stephenville. By late afternoon, only Routh returned alive from the enclosure.

Stephenville, these days invaded by dozens of media, like a frozen 50 years ago people. In coffee Jake and Dorothy’s, the waitresses and customers are greeted by name. You can only pay by cash or check, workers are dressed to go to a rodeo and you can smoke inside without restrictions.

The shops that surround the court are flooded with patriotic symbols, plus own articles of a John Wayne western, for example, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. In Stephenville, the story of Kyle theme every day. “How’s the trial?” Asked Laurie, waitress Jake and Dorothy’s. “Here we have talked a lot about it, how wrong can be paid as expensive. This town is not big and we all know what happened, “says Juan Trejo, dishwasher in the restaurant.

What happened was shelled on Thursday meticulously in the courtroom. There, the veteran Eddie Ray Routh not moved. Not a look, not a single gesture, even when you see the video recorded by the police in which his mother implored him to get off the truck, before starting the persecution that led to his arrest.

Without shedding a single tear, Taya Kyle looks at photographs the district attorney, Alan Nash, presented to the jury, images of bloodied bodies of her husband and Littlefield, comprehensive description of the weapons found and bullet casings that collected. The lethal sniper killed by friendly fire. Kyle’s parents avoid images and nailed his eyes on the ground.


The widow of Chris Kyle assistant greets a lawsuit against the murderer of her husband.

Maybe it’s the nerves that make Taya Kyle stroll through the halls of the court. People shut their path and she spends giving brief smiles. The wife of veteran Kyle plays in the film of Eastwood Sienna Miller. “It’s beautiful,” says one woman awaiting to enter the room, while another admires her dress, heels and makeup; a style that abounds in a rural village as Stephenville, dedicated to the production of dairy products.

The trial is in its infancy, there is still some way to go. Every day more details from chronic where all were victims and executioners, tortured by the same ghosts of war with no winners, only losers


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