Chris Kyle (1974-2013)

A Navy SEAL sniper with the record low confirmed

Early last February, a shocking and sad news with strong za barged into our newsroom . The marksman and former member of the Navy SEALS , Chris Kyle , was killed by a young welded to the Kyle himself was trying to help him overcome his PTSD. With only 38 years old and with a spectacular military career behind him , Kyle said goodbye to this world paradoxically one of the scenarios where sen – aunt surely happier : on a shooting Glen Rose (Texas, USA ) . His alleged murderer was Eddie Ray Routh, a 25 years old and I was sorry treated by FITCO Cares Foundation , designed to help soldiers Americans returning home with psychological problems after their stay in combat zones, and Chris Kyle with deeply engaged . After ending the life of this popular war hero, Routh also killed another class-mate Kyle , Chad Littlefield , who could also not do anything to save your life or the most lethal sniper in U.S. Army history USA .

Chris Kyle served for 10 years (1999-2009) as select shooter in the SEAL Team 3, one of the most prestigious elite units of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Chris Kyle served for 10 years (1999-2009) as select shooter in the SEAL Team 3, one of the most prestigious elite units of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Christopher Kyle was born on April 8, 1974 in Odessa , Texas. His relationship with firearms started very early, with just 8 years old . His father gave him a Remington 700 bolt action rifle in caliber .30-06 Springfield, with which, together with a shotgun he received a little later , learned and enjoyed hunting small species such as pheasants , quail, and even occasional deer. After finishing primary school , Kyle stepped into the world of rodeo broncos , where he became con- vertirse a professional rider. However , an arm injury cut short his career definitively in this field , forcing Kyle to completely change course. Chris then decided to direct his life to the military, and he tried to enlist in the Marine Corps the American army (USMC ) . However, at the end decli – not preferred option and try to access the Marine Corps , specifically the prestigious unit of Navy SEALS , where as every Tom, Dick , had to face the dreaded training BUD / S. After over it, finally Chris Kyle income – só in Navy SEALS in 1999, where per – manecería in service for 10 years until his official retirement in 2009.
The Charlie Platoon SEAL Team 3 was the team where Chris Kyle , who actively participated in the major battles of the Iraq war he enlisted . There, in the arid lands of the Middle – East das , Kyle showed his incredible skill with a sniper rifle in his hands , becoming the strip – dor select with lower confirmed history of estadouni – denses Armed Forces. A total of 160 casualties contained in his spotless record of service , some of them as impressive as that achieved in Sadr City, a district on the outskirts of Baghdad. There, Kyle struck an Iraqi insurgent who was at 2,100 yards ( 1.9 km) and threatening to attack with RPG grenade launcher to a convoy of U.S. Army . Kyle dropped his foe with an accurate shot made ​​with your sniper rifle McMillan TAC- 338 caliber .338 Lapua Magnum , which was his longest of the 160 confirmed low. Actions how are you sowed panic among members of the Iraqi resistance , who did not hesitate to put a price on the head of Kyle, for whom he intended to pay $ 20,000 for one to end the “demon of Ramadi .”

Chris Kyle in one of his last public image, about to make a shot.

Chris Kyle in one of his last public image, about to make a shot.

His achievements in combat served to harvest a large number of mili-tary honors , among which stands out the 2 narrow Llas silver and bronze 5 stars (merit value ), among others condecoracio -tions . Kyle left active service in 2009, and reflected much of his memories and experiences in the field of battle in his book “American Sniper : The Autobiography of the Most lethal sniper in U.S. military his- tory ” (American Sniper : The Autobiography the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history ) . The work soon Convir – tió a major bestseller , with millions of sales worldwide . Kyle, in a sign of their commendable support to certain charities , decided to donate 100 % of the profits from sales of his book to the families of the two fallen soldiers in combat, as well as various associations veterans. It is understandable , therefore, that if for their enemies was all a “demon ” for his brothers in arms, it was a whole ” Legend.”

Fan of Hathcock and .300

In one of his last public interviews , Ed Friedman granted for one of the media of the NRA ( National Rifle Association ), Chris Kyle modestly said that although he will feature brings record low, the Carlos Hatchcock remained high in his opinion the best sniper in U.S. history . Kyle supported his claim in the manner in which Hatchcock had achieved its low , demonstrating that met all the basic features of a good sniper : stealthy approach to the target, and hidden movements slow , patience to wait for the right moment … and course effectiveness in the shot . For Kyle , that’s the real skill of a sniper, rather than focusing solely on the time of shooting.
In that same interview , Kyle also said to be a lover of the caliber .300 Win Mag, which considered more powerful, with greater range and punch than the 7.62x51mm , the standard caliber for light armament of NATO Forces . Kyle claimed that more than 1,000 yards ( 915 m) .300 Win Mag was much higher , and that even at lower distances, also was more lethal and accurate than the military version of the famous .308 . This authentic specialist in precision shooting at long range in their equipment also had a gun
shorter support . Kyle revealed on itself , in this case chosen to be a Sig Sauer used , namely a 226 Sig 9mm Parabellum , which too is not declared follower . On the contrary , preferred the .45 ACP caliber and even confessed that on more than one occasion behaved in bout a Springfield 1911 TRP Operator.

Before his death , Kyle serving as instructor in his own company, Craft International, specializing in the training and expertise to members of law enforcement training. His aim , he said, was to help those professionals who have to ensure safety, learn the necessary steps to come home after a hard day of work techniques. His sad and untimely disappearance caused a major stir in the land of stars and stripes, a patriotic nation where they exist, and where their war heroes as the Navy SEALs , are continually revered . Rest in peace .

McMillan TAC-338 rifle fitted with a silencer. A similar rifle was the use Chris Kyle on his low shot confirmed longest distance (2,100 yards).

McMillan TAC-338 rifle fitted with a silencer. A similar rifle was the use Chris Kyle on his low shot confirmed longest distance (2,100 yards).


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