SEAL Team Six ( Part III)

The danger as partner
If there is an element that attaches to an applicant from the first moment that arises become Navy SEAL that’s the0112 danger. The soldiers of this elite body are used to continuously live in danger , in his work on the battlefield and their own training. Only then enter their behavior gets freedom from fear of physical pain and even death. Danger surrounds them, and often engraves fateful wounds and injuries resulting . As he tells in his book Wasdin himself, who recounts how in one of the first obstacle to those faced during their stay in the BUD / S ( these grueling races are known as O- Course ) , several colleagues were injured . “The evidence of obstacles O- Course helps prepare a man for this kind of work. But they are also responsible for many broken neck or back of some applicants . And it is to lose the strength in our arms while -do is scalable to 60 feet (19 meters), it can be very dangerous. ” Wasdin also relates in his book an episode in which an aspiring broke his femur after being hit by one of the boats used during instruction on the beach. In his experience, the dangers increased at the same rate as the selection process progressed .
Indeed, one of the most danger-ous evidence seems to be swimming with the feet and hands tied. This is the story of cold Wasdin on the experience : ” We arrived at the pool located at Building 164 and got the suit . An instructor said : This is going to love it. This test is one of my favorites. Sink or swim , small peas . ” They tied my feet, and my partner tied my hands behind my back. When I give the command , the bound men will have to jump in the deep end of the pool, said Stoneclam instructor . You should dive up and down 20 times, float for five minutes, swim to the shallow end dela pool, turn around without touching the bottom , swim back to the deep end , do a somersault forward and backward under water and retrieve a mask from the bottom of the pool with your teeth. ”
Wasdin also confirmed in his most famous book delas about Navy SEALS legends, which is none other than his ability to endure pain from a kick in the testicles. According Wasdin , this was a common measure used by the instructors to punish candidates . And woe to anyone who showed any signs of pain after receiving the kick. Since then received another by the instructor.

Richard Marcinko : founder

Rogue Warrior, “The Geek ” or ” Dick ” are some of the nicknames that are known to the former commander of the Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko .

Richard Marcinko, in an image file, He was the first commander of SEAL Team Six.

Richard Marcinko, in an image file,
He was the first commander of SEAL Team Six.

He was the first commander in chief of SEAL Team Six, and chosen to select one by one the first members of the team. Marcinko , a veteran of the Vietnam War , assumed command of SEAL Team Six for three years , 1980 to 1983 ( when it was replaced by Captain Robert A. Gormly ) , and in its first year it is estimated that featured a total of 75miembros available as well as a budget for training almost unlimited (greater than the annual allocation received by then all the U.S. Marine Corps) . Marcinko had only just 6months to form the first unit of Team 6 , so his selection criteria were very different from those used today. In this sense , Rogue Warrior was based primarily on analyzing combat experience of each candidate , their language skills , as the unit would act worldwide , their socialization skills , to mingle among civilians during an operation , and finally his command of SEAL techniques.
After leaving the command of SEAL Team Six, Richard Marcinko became famous Red Cell direct (red cell) , another special unit created to combat terrorism within the U.S. Navy. Its main objective was to test security systems existing in naval bases, nuclear submarines , ships , civilian airports , and even in a U.S. embassy. Under the mandate of Marcinko , the Red Cell was able to sneak in and out without being discovered all these places, and even made up in areas as theoretically safe as the plane “Air Force One” .

The great fame : Operation Spear
Despite being an elite more de30 years of life and a history of really extensive and successful interventions , if today we are dedicating this special report to SEAL Team Six is probably because the achieved fame after the assault on the home of Osama Bin Laden in “Operation Neptune Spear ” .

What little we know about this unit is thanks to books like this Howard E. Wasdin.

What little we know about this unit is
thanks to books like this Howard E. Wasdin.

The raid at the residence of Abottabad lasted just 38 minutes in the operation besides Bin Laden himself died , one of his sons, his wife , and two others who were in the house. By contrast , there were no casualties in team 6 that the Navy SEALS stormed the building aboard a modified MH -60 helicopter from the 160th Aviation Regiment U.S. Army Special Operations . According account Widson in the preface of his work, each SEAL of Team6 that slid down the rope from the helicopter and accessed the interior of the house where he was hiding the then greatest enemy of the United States , was loaded with 45 kilos of material. A heavy equipment in which, among other accessories , night vision goggles were a .223 M4 rifle with hundreds of rounds spread over several chargers, EOTech holographic display and a Sig Sauer 9mm Parabellum pistol and handgun support .
The Widson own ensures that operating in this historic and involved a total of 24miembros SEAL Team Six, spread over the 4 MH -60 helicopters that participated in the mission , two snipers were in the first car , two in the second ten assailants in the third, and ten more in the fourth . They were the heroes, the protagonists end of a ” game ” that had begun 10 years ago (after the fateful September 11, 2001 ) , and concluded with a cold message: ” Geronimo – E KIA ” . Bin Laden was killed in combat . Today, almost two years when met after that operation , to be sure that the SEAL Team Six will continue gearing up for his next counterterrorism mission , with the same techniques and processes forever, and with the same training criteria and selection. All to have among its ranks the best among the best, authentic elite soldiers .

Full story: SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper


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