SEAL Team Six ( Part I)

All Navy SEALS receive a complete instruction in underwater combat. About estaslíneas, a group of soldiers armed with submachine diver MP5 SD /

All Navy SEALS receive a complete instruction in underwater combat. About these lines, a group of soldiers Armed with MP5 submachine various SD /

Little, very little was known until last May 2011 about SEAL Team Six . His name came to public life and graced the cover of major newspapers around the world when he staged the assault most important media in the last 50 years : the raid at the residence of Abottabad (Pakistan ) where public enemy refuge number 1 from United States: the terrorist and Al Qaeda leader , Osama Bin Laden. Today, almost two years after that historic operation, SEAL

Team Six has become one of the elite forces of the planet ‘s most famous military , mainly thanks to his starring role in several films and documentaries for film and television . ” Darkest Night ” (Zero Dark Thirty ) by Kathryn Bigelow, which tells the process of arrest of the primary duty of the terrible attack on the twin towers in New York , “Act of Valor” , a movie starring real members Navy SEALS , and the National Geographic documentary ” SEAL Team Six : the Raid on Osama Bin Laden ” bring us closer to this secret group specializing in high-risk covert operations . However, there is still much to learn about these men formed and trained to face very difficult to solve missions . Although the members of this exclusive elite body there is no mission impossible .
The training and selection process of the soldiers who become part of this select group is one of the hardest and demanding world . However, all applicants must face the dreaded ” Week in Hell ” (Hell Week) , a grueling 5-day treasure hunt and a half in which each soldier sleeps an average of 4 hours per day , while facing endless runs , dives tied hand and foot , dipped in ice cold water , and all supporting the continued shouts and insults of his demanding instructors . Most candidates do not pass this phase of training indescribable . In fact , hold your peace is assured of three candidates to join the SEAL Team 6 throw in the towel during the week in hell. A process as

Each member of the Navy SEAL has at its disposal the best equipment on the market.

Each member of the Navy SEAL has at its disposal the best equipment on the market.

hard and exclusive to select the best of the best that has led to the emergence of a popular slogan that speaks very clearly the spirit that exists during those harrowing days in the facilities of Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado , California : ” The only good day was yesterday.”

In the foreword of the book ” Seal Team Six : Memoirs of a sniper special forces “, published in Spain by Criticism and written by former Navy SEAL member Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin , ensures the thousand candidates each year aspire to join the ranks of the Navy SEALS , they succeed only about 200 , which is an important input and screen . Once inside the body, and after gaining several years of experience and service in combat, probably many of them will join the Team Six , however , here the cut will be much higher , because although it is unknown how many men up today this unique unit , it is speculated that only a 300soldados (men only) are part of this elite team . It is the elite of the elite, the chosen and better prepared to execute complex missions secret . And is that because one of them says in that National Geographic documentary : Why send 1,000 soldiers to solve a mission that could make a dozen men duly experienced ?

Tehran 1980 : The Beginning November 4, 1979 .
Following the guidelines of the newly appointed Iran’s new spiritual leader , Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini , who had urged his people to demonstrate against the interests of the United States and Israel, unos500 a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran , taking hostage more than 50 American workers. In exchange for freeing the hostages , the kidnappers asked for the extradition of the Shah Mohammad RezaPahlevi Iran , Ayatollah Khomeini’s ideological enemy and who at the time was visiting the United States for treatment of a serious illness. The attackers wanted to trial in the country to ShaReza Pahlevi for crimes against the Iranian people and their support for the country of the stars and stripes . United States, with its presi-dent at the time Jimmy Carter in the lead, did not yield to blackmail broke Iranian economic and political relations with the Middle Eastern country , while in the shadows preparing a tactical operation to rescue the 50 hostages kidnapped .
Five months after the siege of the embassy, ​​and having rejected the help of several bodies of special forces of other countries , such as the German GSG -9 or the British SAS , Carter approved Operation Eagle Claw (Eagle Claw ) in April de1980 . Colonel Charles Alvin Beckwith was asked to lead this rescue mission would end in failure , mainly because of logistical problems and faults with C -130 aerial vehicles yrh -53 to be transported to the 100 soldiers who intervene in the mission. Eight U.S. soldiers were killed in accidents involving one models these vehicles , while four others were severely burned . The bodies of the mili -tary were abandoned in Iran killed during an armed clash with Iranian forces , which were seized in China for display in the streets of Tehran and to the media as a symbol of his victory over ” almighty ” American enemy . The political and social crisis caused by the failure of Operation Eagle led Garrade over in the White House (Ronald Reagan became president of the Government to replace Jimmy Carter in November 1980 ) and the germ model that models over years become the most important force and recognized elite U.S. Army : the SEAL Team 6 .

Two members of DEVGRU (Seal Team Six) acciendo work bodyguards of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

Two members of DEVGRU (Seal Team Six) acciendo work bodyguards of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

Within the Pentagon , the official name given to this special forces unit is United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group , also known by its initials

NSWDG or DEVGRU . The SEAL Team 6 is, with the Delta Force , the main body of elite Special Operations Command U.S. Army . As we have seen , it was founded in late 1980 , although the start of its operational activity is set in 1981. Its main objective is the fight against terrorism , and during his more than three decades of existence has appeared in such notable transactions as known as ” Enduring Freedom ” ( Afghanistan war in 2001 after the attack on New York ) , “Cause Justa ” ( invasion of Panama in 1989 to capture General Noriega ) , or” Desert Storm ” ( 1990 Gulf war ) , among many others. The last and perhaps most popular, is the “Operation Neptune Spear ” da officially authorized April 29, 2011 by U.S. President Barack Obama , and that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.


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