AK47, major player in the arms trade

Mikhail Kalashnikov with his famous creation

Mikhail Kalashnikov with his famous creation

The AK47 , the creature Timoffeevich designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov , is the real star of the international arms black market . This assault rifle entered service in the former USSR in 1947 , and today, almost 60 years later, has become a bestseller that wields in over 78 countries and is manufactured legally in over 11 nations.
Today it is estimated that there are over 100,000,000 (yes , yes , the number is correct ” 100 000 000 ” ) of AK47 circulating throughout the planet. This figure represents 80 % of all assault rifles that populate our world .

Regarded by all as the most important weapon light globe, the AK 47 also is the deadliest weapon , cheap and durable. An assault rifle that has claimed more lives than the dreaded atomic bomb.
During the period of the Cold War the Soviet government turned the water production of the AK 47 , extending to all countries under the influence of the Warsaw Pact . However, the popularity of this legendary weapon got beyond the borders of the Iron Curtain and its effectiveness spread to other nations such as China , Finland , Iraq and Egypt. Thus, as the second half progressed twentieth century AK 47 began to become the preferred assault rifle guerrillas and armed organizations on five continents .

An American soldier AK 47 shows the gold

An American soldier AK 47 shows the gold

The current traffic business is responsible for distributing weapons worldwide . The leading manufacturer of these rifles is the Arsenal of Bulgaria , where each year thousands of copies are exported to different parts of the map. Thus, even though the first AK 47 factory came alive Izmash Russian, Bulgarian arsenal currently produces many AK 47 as Russia itself. Near Bulgaria , particularly in Albania, also produced large quantities of AK 47 which are then spread around the world . One of the main destinations of these items of weapons is the ” Golden Triangle ” , an area consisting of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, famous for opium production and trafficking as an area of assault rifles , primarily AK 47 .

Kalashnikov customers

A child with an AK 47

A child with an AK 47

One of the main importers of AK 47 is Iraq. During the rule of Saddam Hussein , virtually every Iraqi citizen had a copy of Kalashnikov at home . Even Saddam himself allegedly boasted of gold. After the U.S. invasion the situation has hardly changed since the AK 47 is populating the streets of Iraq . The reason is that the Pentagon has chosen the Kalashnikov rifle as a weapon designed for official police and equip the new Iraqi Army .
On the other hand, the influence and popularity of the AK 47 has been able to cross the pond and has reached Colombian soil . Here, the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ) , has at least 10,000 units of this assault rifle . Similarly, it is estimated that Colombian paramilitaries themselves have about 6,000 AK 47 . In another corner of the planet , ” kadogos ” is the name used by the Congolese to refer to the AK 47 . With this peculiar name have dubbed a weapon in the African country promotes itself arguing that it is so light that even a child could use it .
Now, the price or cost of an AK 47 has a different value in each region , country or continent. Thus, the average price of this assault rifle in the United States is about $ 250 , six times more than you should pay the Cambodians to acquire it (40 dollars each ) . The price is significantly reduced in countries like Mozambique or Afghanistan , where for just 15 and $ 10 respectively , any citizen can be done with an AK 47 . However, the situation becomes even more extreme in other countries, mainly in Africa, where an AK 47 is exchanged for pieces of cattle, corn kilos or snuff cartons .

Bin Laden firing a Kalashnikov

Bin Laden firing a Kalashnikov

This situation has caused the AK 47 is the most widely used weapon in the world. In fact , it is present in virtually all current conflicts . The illegal arms traffickers have been made with the famous golden Mikhail Kalashnikov design , a weapon that , despite having 60 years of life , continues to shine with their own light into the black market weapons .


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