EOTech: The Holographic display used by the Navy SEALs that killed Bin Laden

Esquire Magazine recently published an interview with the Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. In it, the U.S. soldier reveals how he developed that historic operation that finally chased the leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda. Without revealing his true identity, the respondent , nicknamed as ” The Shooter ” , narrated in first person how pointed at the head of Bin Laden through his viewfinder grid EOTech holographic . This is a translation of part of his story to Esquire magazine :

Shield Navy Seal Team Six, the unit that carried out the assault on bin Laden's refuge

Shield Navy Seal Team Six, the unit that carried out the assault on bin Laden’s refuge

My first thought when I saw the figure of Bin Laden through my EOTech Night Vision was how thin he was , how tall he was , and how short his beard . On his head he wore one of those white hats , although practically had his head shaved . I remember everything I saw . I was surprised how tall he was taller than all of us , which also surprised me , because all these guys always tend to be lower than you think .

I was looking for it on my right side (The Shooter moves his hand down his face about 25cm). He had a gun in his hand , the short version of the AK that had so popularized . And moved forward. I did not know if the woman who was with him was wearing a bulletproof vest , and if he did not want to accompany him and together become martyrs. He had a gun at your fingertips. It was a threat . I had to get a shot over his head so he would not answer me the opportunity .

At that moment , I shot twice at his head. Bap! , Bap ! The second shot came down. He collapsed on the floor in front of his bed and shot him again, bap ! again in the same place. This time I used my EOTech holographic sight red dot . He was dead . He did not move . His tongue was out . I saw him take his last breath, just breath reflex.


Image captured through a night vision EOTech

Image captured through a night vision EOTech

I remember when I saw him exhale the last breath of air , I thought : Is this the best we ‘ve done, or the worst thing I’ve done? This is real and that’s him .


This experience demonstrates once again that EOTech scopes are among the sights tactics and most demanding professional use worldwide. However, they are very resilient and always offer a great result. For more information and data on the operation and performance of these excellent holographic viewers , we recommend reading this article on this type of view : https://huntingmilitary.com/2013/09/10/holographic-or-red-dot


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