Red dots and Holographic: The advantage of aim with both eyes open

German soldiers with a red dot on a G36 Hensoldt RSA

German soldiers with a red dot on a G36 Hensoldt RSA

Holographic or red dot ? ? , Are they the same? , What advantages they have over traditional gains viewers ? , What situations provide the best performance ? These and other questions of a similar nature are common among those considering first purchase one of these optical devices. Some products , on the other hand , are experiencing tremendous “pull” between hunters , professional law enforcement and airsoft players . However, a view is highly recommended for anyone looking for an accessory that ensures quick target acquisition , even if it is in motion .

When talking about holographic and red dots , the first thing to be clear is the difference between the two products . In this sense , the holographic view represent a significant technological advancement to the red dot sights , basically because they work by projecting a hologram (which may be a point, a circle or a cross) on a screen. This means that your grid is virtual, is projected .

Target practice in Iraq with a red dot Aimpoint M4

Target practice in Iraq with a red dot Aimpoint M4

In contrast, red dot sights that emit the grid itself through a tube, such as traditional scopes , although a little smaller. Progress in the design has meant that today cost difference between a holographic sight and a red dot , at least at first glance. Although where most noticeable difference is in the cost of both products.

What they do share the red dots and holographic devices is that they are suitable for the rapid acquisition of the target . In both models , the shooter or hunter does not have to close any eye to aim, and that through their screens see the same scene as before tackling the rifle. The only difference is that , looking through the red dot or holographic , find an illuminated spot floating in the air and, if properly adjusted , will be where the bullet impacts .

Soldier in Afghanistan with EOTech

Soldier in Afghanistan with EOTech

Any of these viewers no increases , so that the lens focus becomes much faster . Furthermore, this type of viewers the shooter does not lose his peripheral vision as to move forward with both eyes open , always maintains ultimate control over the situation. For example , if we apply this feature the world of hunting , to shoot with both eyes open , the hunter can quickly focus your piece, in addition to controlling which of them want to kill ( such as your field of vision is wider, will ” enter ” in the viewfinder more animals ) .

Similarly, for a soldier also pose a crucial advantage , especially in CQB scenarios ( Indoor battles ) or urban fighting civilians involved. In such battles , the soldier moves through areas where it can appear an enemy or a civilian , almost anywhere . Therefore , you must always maintain high visibility and a gun ready to shoot ipso facto . Both look like holographic red dot are those granted this, because the soldier can move forward with the gun facing at all times looking through the viewfinder .

Despite not having increases , there does exist the possibility to incorporate a ‘ magnifier ‘ or magnifying glass to visually closer to the target. Such products act as an amplifier of holographic display increases , and most often move between 3 to 5x .

Because of how much technology has advanced in recent years optical , and now you can get this kind of viewers with grids of different shape and styles , and even different colors (red and green , mainly). Moreover, like the rest of viewers standard holographic both as red dots can be adjusted in height and side , in addition to being able to choose the light intensity with which the shooter or hunter desired that projects its grating .

EOTech Holographic mounted on a submachine gun PPSH

EOTech Holographic mounted on a submachine gun PPSH

Besides the technical concept , there is another important difference between a holographic sight and a red dot . And the grid or the reference point of a holographic always looks the same size, although the shooting range or increase focus . This , however , does not happen with red dot sights , since in this case the point itself that expands with increasing distance shooting , especially from 50 meters. In any case , both options are very interesting for those shooters or hunters who either are not liked to shoot with open sights , or just want a system that will facilitate and expedite the process of Encare and target acquisition .

L -3 EOTech Holographic : The latest technology for shooter

The L -3 EOTech Holographic is the ultimate viewer . However, its parent company, the U.S. L – 3 Communications, is the one with technicians have patented the system EOTech HWS ( Holographic Weapon Sight or Holographic sight for combat ) . Used in military aircraft F- 14 Tomcats, this technology based on the projection of a hologram on a glass screen , lets users target acquisition much faster and more accurate . And it just put the EOTech reticle on our goal and shoot for a certain impact .

Apart from its well-known ability to shoot with both eyes open ( without ever losing peripheral vision) , another major advantage that we will find when we use a sight holographic EOTech is your complete and total availability . Thus, whenever you generate a hologram , all the information needed to build the image of the grid is recorded in the window of Heads- Up Display . Thus, if for some reason the window is obstructed by mud, snow , rain, etc. . , The hologram never disappears , but it remains operational viewfinder with grid visible. Even in those extreme cases where the window can be broken , the EOTech will continue to operate , provided it is a piece of the window to display the hologram free .

IPSC rifle with EOTech

IPSC rifle with EOTech

Watched the excellent results obtained in actual combat scenarios ( Iraq, Afghanistan , Lebanon , etc. ), the holographic system developed by L -3 EOTech has become one of the most reliable methods aiming and fast market. Your benefits have already been recognized by most of the armies of the world, who have implemented among its elite units . However, far from what at first may seem, the range of applications of these views is more than military. For example , hunters have also begun to acquire this type of viewers for their rifles and shotguns. And as we have seen , these products provide one Encare very fast and instinctive , even on moving targets ( something fundamental in the world of hunting ) .


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