Gun “Beretta” mod. 92 S

Appeared on the market this gun in 1976, is an improved version of the Model 92, manufactured in 1951.
67375907_3-Pistol-Beretta-92-FS-Everything-ElseBoth the MOD. 92 employed as the 92 S cartridge 9 mm. Parabellum because of which are larger than the models 81/84.
While the latter are straight backward, both MOD.92 as 92 S, due to the power of its cartridge, employing the closure lock system.
Its shape is normal load, introducing his butt a magazine of 13 rounds and the slide by manually riding the hammer and inserts a cartridge in the chamber. The gas pressure drives rearward trigger the barrel and slide are connected by a locking device.
After back about 8 mm., This piece flips down and pulls off the slide. At this point the barrel stops: but she continues to travel to complete the charging cycle.
The main difference between the MOD. 92S and its predecessor the mod. 92 is that the locking mechanism is the first on the slide rather than being in the armor.

despiece%20(3)Below is a short list of the most important changes and produced versions of the Series 92 in the last 30 years.

Beretta 92S (1976) – first modification of the model 92, with ambidextrous safety system in the slide. It was replaced by the model 92SB.

Beretta 92SB (1981) – New developments 92S model, initially called 92S-1 model, later designated 92SB with the introduction of the hammer lock. The safety lever is ambidextrous.

Beretta 92SB-C (1981) – compact version of the model 92SB. Its total length was 197 mm, 103 mm barrel length, magazine capacity of 13 rounds.

Beretta 92SB type CM (1983) – model slimmer version 92SB.Cargador monohilera eight cartridges.

Beretta 92F (1984) – originally designated 92SB-F, 92F later. It is an evolution of the model 92SB for the American market with a grip slightly different finish refurbished. The barrel and chamber are chrome.beretta92fs_strip

Beretta 92G (1989) – the version called “gendarmerie”, created at the request of the National Gendarmerie in France. It was also made under license in France by Giat Industries. The gun is the same as the model 92F except for the operations of the lever, which lost its safe lock function.

Beretta 92FS (1989) – little modification 92F model with an enlarged hammer head. Currently, all U.S. M9 pistols are modified to 92FS standard.

Beretta 92FS-C Compact version (1989) – Model 92FS, similar in dimensions to the earlier model 92SB-C. They do not make.

Beretta 92FS Type CM (1989) – monohilera charger like the model 92FS-C, magazine capacity is 8 rounds. They do not make.

Beretta 92DS (1990) – double action only version of the Model 92FS with no spur hammer and safety lever.

Beretta 92D (1990) – double action only version of the Model 92FS with a hammer without spur without safety lever.

Beretta 92FS Brigadier (1996) – 92FS model version with a slide reinforced and thicker, another change is that the spotlight does not form part of the slide but is fits into it.

Beretta 92FS Centurion (1996) – 92FS model version a shorter barrel, the frame is the same as in the model 92FS. Its total length is 197 mm, barrel length is 103 mm, capacity 15 cartridges.

Vertec Beretta 92 (2003) – 92FS model version in which the constant corrected Excessive complaints about the grip width. The design of the handle in Vertec models becomes more linear, another change is the addition of an integral Picatinny rail

Beretta 90two (2006) – this is the latest evolution of the model version 92. The main changes are modular, one-piece handles (available in various forms), Picatinny rail is integrated into the barrel (with lid).



Nationality: Italian
Length: 216 mm.
Weight: 0.99 kg.
Barrel: 127 mm.
Caliber: 9 mm.Parabellum
Scratched: 6 r,. Dextrorsum
Charger: 13 rounds
Vel. Initial: 335 m / sec.
Sight: Fixed


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