Future weapons

Panzer Howitzer 2000
The 55-ton self-propelled mortar German army (Panzerhaubitze 2000) is the most advanced artillery cannon in the world. His power, amazing and impressive, comes from the speed of his shots, a 155 mm gun. capable of emitting bursts of three rounds in 10 seconds or even 20 rounds in three minutes. The only drawback to this rate of fire, the weapon is overheating, but its innovative barrel chrome plated, minimizes this problem.

Priming, loading and ejection of the shot rounds are fully automated. With conventional ammunition, the weapon’s maximum range is about 29 kilometers, but with bullets “smart”, the distance range is increased to 55. This mortar has excellent cross-country performance. In fact, establishing a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour to ensure a protective shield high efficiency equipment.

CornerShot 40
Combining a barrel swivel bar with a video image looks, this so-called weapons system, allows the operator to observe and shoot at a target located in a corner, without exposing themselves to enemy fire. The barrel can be rotated 63 degrees to the left or right and the video image / thermal sight can be transmitted to combine with other systems.

In its latest version, the gun is combined with a grenade launcher 40 mm, but in reality, its assembly also provides the ability to assemble a wide range of small arms, including 9mm pistols, M 16 and grenade launchers smoke. His Israeli designers and other experts, we see great potential for use in anti-terrorist operations.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-02

Barrett M107 Rifle
The Barrett M107 is the classic sniper rifle, used by the U.S. army. Formerly known as the M82, this rifle was first used in Operation Desert Storm. The weapon fires very powerful ammunition 50 caliber, which have been traditionally used for heavy machine guns along the time.

With a range of effective range of more than 1500 meters (about 5000 feet) and an incredible knockdown power, this rifle has proven highly effective against many targets, including enemy soldiers, vehicles and parked aircraft. The standard M107 also has a 10X scope and a bipod that, acting together, greatly raise the accuracy of the shot. Its gorgeous design minimizes recoil when firing, while its action semi-automatic 10 rounds, allows the shooter to lock the trigger on a target, rather than having to fire repeatedly.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-03

Metal Storm
Considered the most powerful automatic weapon in the world, the Metal Storm uses a system that combines the barrel and chamber, so that the only moving parts are the same projectiles. Other automatic weapons have a magazine with bullets that are loaded mechanically into the canyon. In the Metal Storm, but ammunition is preloaded and stacked in a sort of combined barrel / chamber.

The bullets are fired electrically to generate a stream of deadly force (thousands of rounds per second), with systems using a configuration of multiple guns. This technology can be used with all types of ammunition, and that in the absence of other moving parts, binding never becomes a problem. In the picture above shows a remote control or Redback Metal Storm 40 mm weapon system recently introduced as a response to any threats.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-04

Thermobaric bomb
With a name derived from the Greek words meaning “heat” and “pressure”, these pumps combine the power of both forces, greatly expanding its potential to destroy most inaccessible targets. Although the term “thermobaric” is often used for a wide variety of explosive devices, the more accurate the pumps used to describe combining a mono-propellant explosive fuel, with some extremely fuel particle and energy (eg aluminum powdered).

The result is an intensely concentrated fireball combined with the devastating effect of the overpressure of the blast. Thermobaric bombs are ideal weapons that, by concentrating large amounts of heat and pressure in a confined space, are useful both to limit the collateral damage to achieve targets located in deep underground.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-05

Long Range Acoustic Device
Annoying, loud noises and have been used as personal weapon for millennia. Recently, the security forces and military have also been using a much more powerful acoustic weapon, known as “Long Range Acoustic Device” or LRAD. With less than 90 centimeters in diameter and weighing 20 kilos, this black colored circular device emits a sound with an intensity of 15 to 30 degree range. This is a high-pitched, shrill alarm similar to a smoke detector, which can cause permanent hearing damage in a nearby perimeter.

Within a radius of 100 meters, the LRAD beam is extremely painful but usually is used in perimeter between 280 and 450 meters, as a warning or deterrent weapon. The LRAD is used by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to warn nearby boats. Its capabilities have also been tested in Iraq.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-06

Airborne Laser
In a move reminiscent of the Cold War, Missile Command and the U.S. Air Force conducted the investigation and development of a weapon with an airborne laser (ABL). The project involves the installation of a powerful chemical oxygen iodine laser, a device similar to a tower, mounted on the nose of a Boeing 747-400 specially prepared for this.

ABL’s primary mission will be to shoot down enemy missiles by heating metal lens cover, to a point where the stress of the flight it will weaken and, eventually, to break (represented in graphical interpretation above). Using infrared sensors to detect enemy missiles as they ascend, the ABL shoot a laser system for 3/5 seconds with the goal of overthrowing each target. The successful tests on land have already demonstrated the high destructive power of these lasers. In fact, the Air Force expect to have a final version during the course of 2008.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-07

Bullets XM982 Excalibur, also known as “guided artillery shells High Range” are the most innovative ammunition from the U.S. Army. These shells combine a guidance system adapted GPS assisted with stabilizing fins and propulsion, which aim to hit targets farther and more accurately than conventional artillery ammunition.

The missiles can carry a variety of loads, including improved conventional munitions and dual-purpose sensor fused munitions (shown in picture above with small “smart” bombs deployed) and a nuclear head unit (anti-armor). With its innovative internal tele, the Excalibur can descend upon their objectives in a much steeper angle, which gives the accuracy to hit a pre-selected area of ​​10 meters wide, after a journey of over 40 miles .EGS-Armas-del-futuro-08

Sensor Fused Weapon
As a highly improved version of the standard cluster bomb, the sensor fused weapon (formally the CBU-97) uses tiny “smart bombs” to expand its destructive effect across the battlefield, with accurate punches on multiple enemy targets. The CBU-97 is actually a container similar to a pump (up, interleaved) housing 10 cylindrical compartments (called sub-munitions), which carry four small “smart” bombs each. A total of forty counted “smart” bombs per weapon.

Immediately after the main pump is released, the cover opens displaying the 10 sub-munitions, each with its own parachute. At a predetermined altitude, parachutes are discarded. That’s when the rockets in bottles submunitions, the rise and rotated to disperse the load of small bombs. Finally, the infrared sensors located in these track goals, which are achieved by powerful nuclear heads.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-09

Massive Ammo Pump
Most massive conventional weapon in the U.S. arsenal is the “Bomb Air Burst Massive Ammo” (the GBU-43 / B), which weighs 10.5 tons and contains nine tons of explosive H-6. With such weight and size (nine meters long and about 1.5 meters wide), this pump can only be thrown from the back door of a spacious cargo plane.

The MOAB uses a GPS system to move towards your goal, albeit with a deadly blast radius of 120 meters, can not be considered a precision weapon. Kilo for kilo, this pump is much less effective than smaller ones, but its psychological effects, which include an extensive blast and mushroom cloud similar to a nuclear bomb, are incomparably terrifying.EGS-Armas-del-futuro-010


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