Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow

Marc Anthony

Barnett sent me a new Ghost 350 to review, so off to work I went. Out of the box was one crossbow, a scope and three bolts (arrows). Assembly wasn’t bad even though I was temporarily stumped by the installation of the cable slide. Eventually figured it out. I think one extra picture showing the placement of the slide would have helped me there. Just one threaded bolt was needed to attach the bow assembly to the stock. The scope went on effortlessly and I didn’t even need to adjust it after I shot it! It was dead-on at 30 yards, and below, out of the box. After I confirmed all hardware was installed correctly and there were no defects in the string, bolts (arrows) or safety mechanisms, I proceeded to the archery range.


The Ghost 350 carries 175 pounds of draw force, so needless to say, that can be a bit to pull with your bare fingers! Luckily this kit came with an RCD, which stands for “rope cocking device” to aid in cocking the crossbow. By using the RCD, the leveraged poundage is reduced to 50%, or 87.5 pounds in this case. That is still a firm pull but a lot better than the 175 pounds without it. Bottom line; you have to have a lot of poundage if you want it to perform, so get used to it!


Velocity 350 FPS
Draw Weight 175 LBS
Energy 116 FT-LBS
Power Stroke 12 IN
Weight 7.6 LBS
Length 37 IN
Width 24 IN
Arrow Length 20 IN

After cocking the crossbow, I positioned a bolt into the flight rail, placing the cock fletch down into the groove and slid the bolt all of the way to the string and trigger mechanism. One nice thing Barnett designed into the system is the safety feature that automatically engages the safety to the “on” position when the bow is cocked and loaded! That helps prevent an accidental firing. After I loaded the bolt, I was ready to turn the safety off and shoot my target.

After aiming, I turned the safety off and fired into my foam layered target. The shot was incredibly fast and the sight was dead-on. The trigger feel was perfect, in my opinion. No drift and just the right amount pressure needed to squeeze a shot off. Vibration was kept to a minimum and the entire unit felt sturdy and solid. One nice attribute regarding the carbon riser is that it reduces weight on the front of the unit thus transferring the center of gravity toward the rear (stock) for a better balance and feel. After shooting the Ghost several times, it became quite familiar and comfortable for me. I really enjoyed shooting it!

The Ghost weighs in a bit over 7.5 pounds due to its composite and carbon construction. All of the tolerances were tight and the fits were equally close. It’s a well thought out piece of equipment for both hunting and target practice. Barnett has been in business for over 50 years and has a solid footprint in the crossbow industry. Even though crossbows have been used since the medieval times, their popularity continues to grow and Barnett has continued to improve them with innovative design and safety features. I think it’s also fair to say that the dealers I spoke with all had good things to say about Barnett’s service and equipment! I give the Ghost 350 a “Thumbs up”!

Source of information: Marc Anthony Outdoors




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