From the standpoint of technical-tactical and safe handling of weapons, is of primary concern and the training holster gun holsters and tactical management of the same and other manipulations possible. The best way to train the maneuvers mentioned is “dry”. This could be a defining shot “dry” or training “dry”: those manipulations and / or maneuvers “shot” that are done with a gun, ammo, good for the safety of the environment where it is carried After training, or cartridges to economize while acquiring, by the shooter, skill, ability and confidence in handling the weapon.

pistolaNot many police officers trained in “dry” operations holsters, faced, overcome interruptions, recharge and return the weapon to its holster, among many other operations. During periods of training in police academies and schools, it should increase the teaching hours of training in this type of exercise. Most users only defensive weapons training at shooting ranges, and almost always short and rarely successful training programs and realistic. In my opinion, before passing through the gallery, you must have a good understanding of how your weapon, and have a great quality in handling it. This will provide the shooter safety when in a critical situation with gun in hand. Therefore these practices should also be completed by veteran actors, and not just for students in academic periods.

Ideally, this type of training is periodic, both official and private, within the hours of non-agent service. This will provide much ease and efficiency in handling the weapon. Needless to say that all these manipulations in “dry” to perform, should be made with the same weapon or defense work. We must comply with the maxim that says the centurions of the Roman Legions: “Train how you work and how you train will work.” All this will lead to the shooter to create habits and muscle memory fingerprints. Muscle memory will perform all operations in “dry” with such speed and efficiency that when the chance comes to repeat them with live ammunition, infinitely safer we will be mentally and tactically. It’s not new, is that of train, train and train! (Do not forget that certain capabilities physiology mechanical reduce fingerprints, in real situations of acute stress).

To perform this type of training we do not need specific facilities and professionals. We only need to be in a place where we find ourselves alone, or accompanied by persons who are previously warned that our weapon is empty. Anyway, it is always advisable to be alert to conduct firing exercises in “dry”. However, as is the situation in our society, with regard to weapons and police, perhaps the best way to do this training either privately or in conjunction with other partners interested in the subject intimately. Other partners also understand and will second this type of exercise.

Any stay in our home can be a right place to perform most exercises that a professional needs repeating weapons thousands of times. Perhaps the holsters and face major maneuvers are to be exercised, in addition to returning the gun to the holster, so tactical and secure. Repetition of such maneuvers could be done in any room of the house, even in front of a mirror, thus during the repetition of the exercise, we will be watching us in the mirror without averting his eyes to the gun or holster. Do not forget that you have to keep looking away from the area where the threat comes from, in this case the mirror helps machine movements. (Physiologically would be impossible in real situation, draw attention away from the danger zone).

Another way of performing the training of holsters / Encare / holster could be Dummy weapons. These weapons are made of bright color, so that even to warn away any “observer” that the weapon is a weapon is manipulating inert. These weapons are made of solid rubber movements lacking in parts, as a general rule. So, for the triple-main maneuver prior proposal, this type of tool is presented as a great option. They are also ideal for practicing disarms alleged aggressors, because thanks to its composition if no damage during workouts fall to the ground, or on objects.

These weapons are very real in terms of size and profile, because they have shapes identical to real guns which they imitate. There is a huge range of brands and models, both long and short weapons and chargers, grenades, knives or radio transmitters. These useful tools are manufactured imitating the vast majority of modern weapons.

Another critical maneuver, and requires continuous training and safe, is the introduction of the round in the chamber against a threat. Naturally, this exercise I should train more those not working in fed weapon status, or those working to empty chamber (Condition 3 and 4 of lading). This operation is not only important for the safety of those who have to perform before a criminal action, or to a threat that requires mounting the gun in prevention. It is also vital for those who are in the environment in which is held the feeding chamber.

Pistol unused
From quick and accurate feeding the chamber may depend on the outcome of the confrontation between “good and bad”. It is an essential maneuver. For the environment is also important, because if a botched operation or made unsafe manner, which could cause unwanted tripping accident (accidental discharge). At this event, the consequences can be very serious for anyone who is physically close to the point of confrontation, sometimes even when not so close …

pistola 4I think anyone can overlook that having to mount the gun during a police action, is attached, I would say that in 90 percent of pistola 5cases, high risk situations for police. In any case, always resort to such manipulation to stressful situations. It follows that the agent is in a situation very decreased mental and physical, and may even hurt your cognitive ability affected. So, if you feel more danger when the agent, if the more nervous you are, if a bad practice when you can “pick up” an accident, it is precisely when you should do as a manipulation is to introduce a cartridge in the chamber … not be more advisable to always carry the weapon fed? Although some do not want to see, this prevents accidents.

I always advocate the carrying of the weapon in condition for immediate use. Yes, but not before properly instruct the user, not only technically but also mentally. There are other reasons to carry the weapon with the magazine fed, but these are purely tactical reasons and can be seen in an article with another title.

To train in “dry” the action of pressing the trigger of the gun, or maneuvers to feed the chamber or even emptying it, overcome interruptions, municionar chargers, chargers changes, etc., Aliviapercutores cartridges should be used ( inert). These cartridges will not damage the firing system and our weapon percussion. The aliviapercutores usually translucent and striking color, and reveal, through his body, a spring which is connected to the base of the shorts. That is where pellet hit the firing pin of the gun. Anyone observing the exercise may recognize these cartridges as inert, and will not have to fear an accident.

Training with real gun with plastic gun

There is another way to perform some of the manipulations and maneuvers of which we are speaking. To do this we use an inert barrel on the gun with which we work. With the barrel inert plastic yellow or orange, both “very alive” in color, we can train changes charger, assemble and disassemble the gun and toward the target after the draw. Even feeding may simulate weapon attack response to a non-working in fed condition weapon. The plastic tube is easily replaced by the original barrel. Using this system, from off stage will be easily identifiable as training weapon.

With this method it is impossible to introduce a real fire cartridge in the chamber, not a aliviapercutor-Dummy may be employed. Its design prevents feed the plastic barrel chamber. No such chamber. Some manufacturers like Sig Sauer, incorporated into the carrying case, their latest models, a gun of this type. Sig-Pro Model 2022 comes standard with an orange plastic barrel.

Other more sophisticated means or ways to train dry

There are other ways to train in “dry”, and also in this case a more realistic yet. With the system we are studying then you can go all the way the trigger, just like when you do the shot itself, and also can make manipulations recharge, holsters / holster, faced, etcetera. A very complete.

The conditions that we will now deal involving a financial outlay that not everyone can afford, if any professional training or training centers. I am referring, for example, the use of unused weapons specifically for this particular purpose. Disablement of a gun is to neutralize their firing mechanisms, making it impossible for the gun to produce a shot, even allowing full movement of his pieces. This deactivation must be certified by an intervention of Arms of the Civil Guard. Once certified the deactivation of the weapon, we can exercise with her, at home, all manipulations that want to make a weapon able to make real fire.

Naturally inutilizaremos, or buy unused, a weapon of the same make and model that we carry for work or for our defense. The downside, as below, is the economic cost …

Such prestigious brands as the Austrian Glock or Sig Sauer German-Swiss, made models that do not allow the shot but feeding your bedroom with inert cartridges. These weapons allow any manipulation possible and complete disarmament for study. Thus, the mark shown in its catalog Glock the Glock 17R model, which is constructed with the live shell and striking red color. With its color even distance can be seen the presence of an actual weapon, but training or handling. Meanwhile, Sig Sauer currently offer two models: the 2022 SP P226 TRG and TRG. Both models, like the Austrian model, are made visible red. Arguably, these weapons are inert more expensive than useless.
pistola 1
Using LASER collimators can also throw an effective workout in “dry”. This system is expensive but more affordable than unused weapons. The device allows the use of real gun.

With the laser can do any target shooting or simulated white within The Area we have chosen for the instruction. With the activation of the trigger and percussion on inert cartridge in the chamber that we will produce a vibration that activates the laser device. Once the perceived LASER signal that triggers (vibration), issues and projects a red dot will be visible at that place I was directed the muzzle. Thus we can guess, quite closely, which would have been the point of impact on actual fire situation.

These devices are available in several formats, the most common type of cartridge. These are very similar to a real cartridge staying in the room, which cartridge ammunition. In another type are those which are inserted into the bore from the muzzle, and its fully cylindrical or tubular shape, and of sufficient thickness so that the walls of the cylinder and its base is in contact with the barrel. This allows the vibration of the shutter on the cartridge inert, activate the laser.

pistola 2

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