XM25, the smart rifle that fires bullets

The U.S. military in Afghanistan will begin using a new rifle that fires bullets smart. In a few days, the American soldiers fighting the Taliban will determine exactly how far from the white exploit their projectiles. The weapon in question is the XM25 and uses a laser measuring system with a chip installed in each bullet that lets you know at every moment how far is your goal .. Fact or Science Fiction?
The problem is that the bullets, once fired, you have no control over them. Historically, the shells fired by the guns were just a piece of metal in the shape, size, and weight to “fly” from the muzzle to the target. Once it reaches its destination, the kinetic energy of the moving mass at a high speed for the rest of the job. However, “progress” has done that as technology develops new materials and explosives, the idea of ​​a simple metal resulting accelerated “little thing” for general duty. This has for years used, for example, explosive bullets that the kinematic effect is produced during the impact of a small amount originates in the shot blast itself.

But all I have seen so far can not match the weapon that the army of the United States will begin using in Afghanistan. Those responsible for directing operations in that country believe that the XM25 and sophisticated munitions have the potential to change the course of a war that, to be realistic, it has become a difficult problem for the U.S. This rifle grenade launcher call it that shoots 25mm grenades to a distance of about 700 meters. But prior to firing, is capable of measuring with high accuracy (thanks to laser telemetry) the distance at which the target is located.
That information is transmitted to the electronics contained in the projectile, with the most suitable configuration for the firing. The XM25 operator can choose, for example, that the grenade explodes to three meters before or behind the target. This is possible because the projectile remains linked electronically with the XM25 throughout his career, and when he has “traveled” the preset distance, explodes. Bullets are believed to be “pre-programmed” to annihilate, to exploit, to stun or to be used during training.

This allows more efficient attack (it is rather strange to use that term when talking about killing another human) the enemy, especially when fighting a streets or buildings. Christopher Lehner, a lieutenant colonel who was responsible for leading the project, says the gun “will bring a change in the rules that try to copy other nations quickly.” Soldiers may use the XM25 in those situations where the “white” is hidden behind a wall or in a trench, including in many cases replacing air strikes. The Army expects to buy about 12,500 XM25 this year, enough to equip every member of the infantry and special forces stationed in Afghanistan. Each rifle grenade will cost between 25,000 and $ 30,000, and each missile costs about $ 30. Lehner, excited, said “with this system, we take away the enemy’s ability to hide. The only effective action we expect to see from you is to run “.





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