Correct use of binoculars during the stalking

One of the pillars of success in hunting stalking is to be able to see well so to facilitate the search, and know “that look, where to look and when to look.” Normally this is achieved after many hours of practice with a pair of binoculars, but not with anyone. It should not be used a couple of visual discomfort us. In the latter part of the secret lies paragraph triumph.

Learn how to avoid eyestrain or headaches sometimes and some people generate the binoculars, is something you can not take more than ten minutes, though you know you should do to avoid these drawbacks. Remember that most of the disorders that arise from use of error born by the user. To understand what is the root of the problem and to solve it properly you need to know some basic facts of human visual pathology. Namely can submit three types of very common disorders that cause eye pain and headaches not to find duly corrected, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

me_glassing_cg (1)

The latter may occur alone or accompany the first two abnormalities. Even the subject emmetropic (no visuals) is predisposed to eye problems of origin does use incorrectly and for long periods of time, a good pair of binoculars. Except astigmatism, which can only be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or surgery, both hyperopia and myopia can be bypassed using the diopter corrector located in each eye (the end closest to the user) of binoculars.

This means that being nearsighted or farsighted binoculars can be used without having to do it with glasses on, which is a comfort. Suffice it to rotate in the correct direction diopter corrector located on the eye and the defect disappears, the image becoming increasingly clear. Usually in the corrector is drawn a sign (+) and one (-) indicating in which direction should rotate in case the user is farsighted or nearsighted respectively. It’s that easy, but I do not want to complicate your life remembering these things just turn it until you are satisfied with the image formed.

After the adjustment, which is accomplished eye for an eye and observing the same object until it is sharp, we can dispense with the use of glasses, which make it very uncomfortable to use. This is why it is so important that this ability to correct vision defects present in user to purchase binoculars. Yes binoculars not have chosen this alternative, and should use glasses, simply discard. Its use will become so uncomfortable abandoning ending.

Unfortunately there is no possibility of correcting astigmatism using the binocular diopter corrector. This visual anomaly can be corrected only by the use of glasses (which we know are uncomfortable to use with binoculars), contact lenses, which provide good vision without the hassles of glasses aggregate, or by corneal surgery (by laser ), which is ideal.

Yes does not correct any of the three refractive errors not matter much to pay for your binoculars, you will always have a headache, red eyes or visual fatigue in prolonged use them, plus it will not achieve its objective; discover hidden wildlife.

How diopter corrector uses and checks the quality of the binoculars? With both eyes open directs them to a nearby object (a leaf is ideal) and try to see the details of it.

Without closing them down and turn right eye diopter corrector left eye until the image observed with the same present as clearly as possible. Now close that eye and open the contra-lateral and repeat. The prism is now corrected for distance vision and for that, but only If you are nearsighted or farsighted as you can not correct astigmatism. Should this latter vision problem will be corrected the same with glasses or contact lenses, then repeat the above operation to adapt to his vision binoculars.

These three refractive errors, as they are called, are the main cause for the discomfort that can generate long-term use of these “aid of vision.” But there are other causes that must be taken into account. A lens or set of lenses that have a poor percentage of light transmission will have the ability to wear him visually, so before deciding which to purchase compare this feature with other binoculars.

How to? No better or more sophisticated than UD and eyes for this important test. Simply approach a distant object under poor lighting conditions. The binoculars that he can see better the details, this is what YOU want to buy. But there is more to UD in person can do to reduce the causes of visual discomfort, and this is to minimize movement during use binoculars.

Search for the good support for your elbows and a stable and comfortable position for your body, as it should probably spend hours on it. Remember that the longer you use binoculars discover more wildlife achieved, even if you are stalking and shooting distance does not exceed forty meters. Do not trust your vision even at close distances. Animals are masters of camouflage and quiet ride. Extra help is always welcome.

Look around the place where he hopes his prey and appears likely to descry achieved while still partially hidden by the undergrowth surrounding the feedlot, which at first glance may not do. Not to mention if you are hunting deer up on a feedlot located further away, such as on a corn or soybean field in which the distances needed to distinguish fine detail can reach a thousand feet or more.

Once properly located, the correct way to use the binoculars is applying a predetermined sequence search and follow it consistently. First paste a broad look around naked eye. In one of those lucky and their prey is within range of sight. But it does not begin to use the binoculars following a search pattern. Enclose an area and start rake it from right to left foot by foot, inch by inch, under every tree, behind every tree, in the middle of the chiaroscuro that form with the shadows on the border between forest and meadow below each branch.

When finished with the same plot the next area to check, and so on. Once covered the whole area to review resume search on the same place it started. During his search not try to find the complete set of its prey. Rarely will be rewarded with a picture like that. But what I find pieces of the animal are interspersed with branches and vegetation. Look then a part of the animal, a color change in the middle of a green background, a white, a horizontal line (formed by the animal’s back) in the middle of a set of vertical lines such as trees and shrubs, or a branch tips too white and that more than one branch will end up being an antler.

Try looking in the foliage, behind every bush or tree. Pay attention to sudden movements, such as when moving from one ear to scare annoying insect. Repeat the search arch shaped slow but steady, slowly, making sure that everything we’ve seen is what YOU thought it was, and nothing else. Yes it does have many surprises, all of them pleasant.

Particularly if hunting is by stalking, use binoculars, to discover details still twenty yards away. It happened in this type of hunting, where more utility provides a pair of small, lightweight binoculars. Under these conditions, in which the technique is to walk a metro stop and observe, is when we give more fruit.

When searching with binoculars try to stay hidden in the shadows, and limit their movements to a minimum. Do not forget that as one of the tricks we use to find prey is searching movements that betray, that is exactly what they do to locate and evade predators. One of the rules of the game tells us that the first moves that reveals the position, and that error represents the end of the game.

A final recommendation. Binoculars that are used during the stalking within a forest (short distances) differ greatly from those used for hunting or Mountain, where distances are greater cover. The latter should provide more dioptric power, while the former are much smaller and lighter. For the latter a 8 X will suffice.

Remember above 8 increases the trembling hands that produce prolonged by holding the binoculars is amplified enough to be annoying, so when buying binoculars high dioptric power must take account of this problem. Sometimes more (power) is a drawback.

Anyway, remember to select the binoculars correctly for the type of hunting you will, to keep still and well hidden, limiting their movements to a minimum, be in a comfortable position, use a search string in a routine, and above all things, be patient.


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