Types of knives

The functionality and usability of the knife, secure, robust or thin and always efficient in design and materials virtually unchanged, remains in many quality knives.

Then there are the essential characteristics that add unique features of distinction, such as Damascus steels and exotic woods or natural horns, creating a series of models in which exclusivity, workmanship and beauty show the degree of quality and craftsmanship in their tax processing.

Whether combined with antlers or bull, with valuable timber, nickel, brass, or even with the most advanced synthetic compounds, among our knives find absolutely current designs, but also exist in more traditional ways in which Spanish artisans created them centuries ago, and confirming our tradition.

The price depends on the quality of their materials, especially steel with which they are made.

There are knives for all types of uses, such as razors, hunting knives, rescue knives, razors seamanship, multitool knives, knives for sports like cycling, skating, mountain biking and golf, gardening and bush knives , razor-Keychain, etc..

There are stiletto knives, damascene knives, ring knives, pocket knives, razor blades swiss-tools and tactics. Collectors and the gain for different uses make them great appreciation to each of them, because they are a treasure to be very useful.

From the oldest épcas use of the knife is popular and páctico in many professions and activities, for example, farmers (vine pruning or harvesting), pastors (for chopping cheese and bread or carving wood) , fishermen (to remove hooks), hunters (for chopping food) carvers (on cork or wood soap), artisans basketmakers (to match the reeds or twigs), clerks (to sharpen the old pen or the pen), plumbers (to cut or rubber tubes), electricians (for stripping cable, etc.). We can see how the use of the knife is the most noble and production that exists in the hands of working people or collectors, sometimes it seems that some people pretendieran instrument marginalize as criminals.

Muela, Al Mar, Buck,  Spyderco, Gerber, Blackwater, Kershaw


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