OPINION binoculars Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42

OPINION binoculars Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42

Bushnell Legend Binoculars meet high standards of quality, such as your business name might suggest. So, the Legend Ultra HD range consists of roof prism binoculars using the best materials in optics: BaK-4 glass prisms and a fluorite element in the lenses of the objectives, and have advanced chemical treatments: phase correction coating the roof prisms and complete multiple optical coating ultra-wideband anti-reflection, and a water repellent coating on the outer surfaces of the lenses. In addition, each prism includes a comprehensive list of high quality accessories: semi-rigid case of transport, with strap and inner pocket for accessories, cloth cover, rubber covers for the lenses, microfiber cleaning cloth, padded tape binoculars hanging from his neck, and harness (Bushnell 19125CM) to bring binoculars hooked.

jumelles-10x42-bushnell-legend-ultra-hd-z-479-47951The truth is that these binoculars have been slow to convince, but finally I have done it and found the courage to publish this article. As I have seen in recent days, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 (10 increases and 42 millimeters aperutra) offer a wide field of view of about 6 degrees and a half (officially, 113 meters to 1 kilometer), a short minimum Focus of about 2 meters and, most importantly, a very sharp and bright, with rich colors and natural. However, they are not free from some optical defects as usual as field curvature, which is manifested in a loss of definition toward ends when accurately focused image center, and vice versa, and the distortion, which produces a bulging when the straight lines tangent to approach the visual field margins.

Despite the low dispersion glass (ED Prime Glass called by Bushnell) on goals, not achieved a complete absence of chromaticism, popping stripes (usual around contours contrasted, as signs of a traffic signal) practically as remarkable as in a binocular-fluorite lenses without these days I used as reference a Bushnell Trophy XLT 10×42-toward the ends of the field. However, it is just to emphasize that in the center of the image shows a large outline sharpness.

Comparing the Legend Ultra HD binoculars with a similarly equipped with the basic refinements in optics (say BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated), as cited Trophy XLT, although we did not find such a change from night to day in normal conditions to look either, the image is clearer and brighter colors in the Legend. Focusing distant points of light, like a lantern at night, we also found that the flashes of light are lower in the Legend, allowing us to see these points better defined. Furthermore, the light reflections on the lenses, which sometimes veil the view through binoculars Trophy, are much more limited in the Legend. Finally, we see that the wet lenses repellent treatment (RainGuard HD) is effective, while the vision appears as very cloudy with the Trophy XLT, in the Legend Ultra HD is quite clearly in the lower photograph shows how the water dispersed into droplets on the lenses.

Regarding the management of Legend, say that the focus is smooth and precise, as is customary in Bushnell binoculars I’ve had lately. The diopter adjustment ring on the right eyepiece has a locking system. In the bottom of the rubber armor, also find the usual cracks padded thumbs. Of course, have a comfortable extendable eyecups to accommodate-pun-the binocular in our eyes when we not use glasses.

To conclude, weighing less than 700 grams (without caps or belts) and, especially, including using the harness, worn round these binoculars for a whole day outdoors involves no effort. You can hook and unhook the harness Instantly, and have the option to hang from the neck strap when most convenient for us. Logically, a binocular in this class is waterproof, so you can always take them quietly hand out of its case, without worrying about not to get too, and the eye lids, you get hooked on a tape side, and objectives, which fold and are secured to the optical tubes by two rubber rings, protect lenses from dust in our excursions.

Anyway, apart from that corrected better lateral chromatic aberration, could put a few buts Legend Ultra HD binoculars. Furthermore, with this test have been confirmed once again the good quality of vision binoculars offer more basic ranges Bushnell Trophy XLT as which set the bar at a high level, above which small improvements Optical paid a high price.

See the profile of the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 in Teleoutdoor.com


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